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M-3 participated in The National Innovation Forum 2015, opened by The President of Indonesia

M-3 participated in The National Innovation Forum 2015, opened by The President of Indonesia





We supply the highest quality target drone to the Indonesian Military.

Our target drone is designed to accommodate the simulation of high speed aircraft during the Indonesian military live fire exercises .

Our target drone has been certified by the Indonesian Army Research and Development Service.


Small Target Drone (STD)

STD is a small sized drone with 180cm length and 180cm of wing span and used as an operator training target aircraft and used for short range weapon systems.


Large Target Drone (LTD)

LTD is a large sized drone with 300 cm length and 300 cm of wing span and used for a long range weapon systems.

LTD equipped with flare to help thermal missiles in recognizing targets and also equipped with autopilot flight control system.




Flight Simulator for Target Drone Operator

Infantry Firing Simulator




Victors Software Development

(Variable Intensity Computerized Training Systems)




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UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

This UAV is designed to become a high-performance unmanned aircraft for mapping and surveillance purposes, and applicable to be used for small to medium-sized areas. It has an endurance up to 4 hours with 3 kg payload.

This UAV has 350 cm of wingspan and able to handle up to 10 kg of fuel and payload weight combined.

The key features of this UAV include modular composite structure, easy and fast assembly, large access hatches, and ground monitoring & command (Autopilot).

Moreover, it also has optional feature, including short take-off and landing system (Removable Catapult Launcher & Parachute).